The endurance to watch your great ideas grow into themselves

Innovating anyway

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Camus, the original gangster of absurdist philosophy, once said that all great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.

He believed that true groundbreaking ideas were often born out of unknown and unsuspected venues, like a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door. And they arrived outside the frames of man’s plans and intentions.

So small and so simple and so innocuous, that they didn’t even register as opportunities at first glance.

That’s the beauty of the creative process. Each of us is dared to see just how far we can take even the smallest spark of innovation. Just how big of a forest we can populate from a single seed.

And the most satisfying part of it all is, we ultimately get the chance to look back at the modest origins of our idea and think, oh my god, I had something to do with all of this insanity.

The frustrating part is, innovation requires a long term willingness to be misunderstood. It takes firm intention to follow something irrational.

And so, for most of us, it will probably be a long time before what we do catches on.

Meaning, we’ll need the patience to outlive the critics so we can still be around when the world is ready for us. And we’ll need the courage to follow our inner guide, even if we look like an idiot and risk alienating those who don’t understand.

Do you have the endurance to watch your great ideas grow into themselves?

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