The Ethan Hawke Guide to Winning Life, Not Winning Awards

Lessons learned from “Boyhood”

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Scott Ginsberg at The Seaside Lounge in BKNY, recording “Eyes Full of Dreams” album and film

One of my favorite actors was recently interviewed about his critically acclaimed new movie.

Ethan told a story about the night before the big award show. Dozens of his industry colleagues sent him messages and prayers of good luck, hoping his movie would take home all the awards.

Of course, he wrote them all back with the same message. I already won.

Not because the academy revealed the results to the nominees ahead of time, but because making the movie was the award. Not because he’s a pretentious participation trophy blowhard, but because he doesn’t live competitively.

It’s a simple formula. An artist got paid to do his favorite thing in the world, with his favorite people in the world, on a canvas that was seen by millions of people around the world. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Who needs a gold statue when you have that? The actor even told the interviewer, I’m not going to let somebody spin this into me losing.

Clearly, he wasn’t playing the finite game of winning and losing, he was playing because he loves to play. Because he loves to keep the game going. And nobody can take that away from him.

An eloquent reminder that success isn’t about winning, it’s about the privilege of doing more work.

Are you playing to win, or playing to keep the game going?

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