The first syllable already belongs to the past

Spare people of your fundamentalism

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Feel better knowing that you don’t have to save the world.

That you don’t have to say something about everything. And that although you secretly hate people who don’t see what you want them to see, who don’t receive your gifts in the way that you want them to, the reality is, evangelism is not your occupation.

You can’t assume anybody wants what you have. You weren’t put on this earth to change and save and rescue and show the light to everyone you encounter.

And I understand that every one of your life priorities are completely baffling to your family members, but you have no way of knowing what’s inside of people. They’re fighting a battle that you’ll never understand. And to assume that you have the right to give them what you think is good for them, that’s the ultimate failure of compassion.

Just let it go. Because fundamentalism operates this pure state of perfection that existed sometime in the past. It’s the thinking that, man, if this person could just get back there, everything would be fine for them.

But it won’t. We need a story that includes the future.

I’m reminded of perhaps the most celebrated poet of the last century. Szymborska famously wrote that even when we pronounce the word future, the first syllable already belongs to the past.

It’s a powerful reminder to live with one foot in the future. To resign from your position as superhero of the universe, let people be in love with their own opinions and just get on with it already.

Have you decided to spare people from your fundamentalism?

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