The flow is constant. We are the fickle ones.

A beautiful world waiting for us to return to it.

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Time, money, love and creativity are the same thing.

They are all forms of energy. They are all currencies that flow to us, flow through us and flow from us, every single day.

But only if we allow them to. Only when our relationship with those energies comes from a place of abundance, generosity, prosperity and gratitude does our cup runneth over.

It reminds me of a colleague of mine who struggles with procrastination, aka, the energy of time. And while she never asks these questions outright, you can feel it her eyes and body all day.

How do we cope with this ceaseless inflow of annoying interruptions? How are we supposed to manage all these distresses that bid for our limited time? And does anybody know how to resist getting emotionally involved with so much useless distraction?

These questions are totally understandable, but unfortunately, they’re not very useful. They come from a contracted posture of scarcity and fear. Which is the wrong vibration to manifest any sense of abundance.

Look, receiving is hard. Fortune is scary when she looks upon us. But there is a beautiful world waiting for us to return to it.

And so, starting today, whether it’s time, money, love, creativity, or whatever other currency we seek, remember this.

The only path to taking ourselves out of the victim position in regard to anything is complete abstinence from complaining about it.

The flow is constant. We are the fickle ones.

How will you eliminate the behaviors that stop the flow of positive energy into your life?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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