The impulse to originate is strong with this one

Sorry, third grade teacher who hates me

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My third grade teacher had a love/hate relationship with me.

Because on most days, instead of paying attention to her lessons in math and science and history, I was busy writing stories and composing songs and drawing mazes and creating comic strips and designing logos for nonexistent rock bands that I was going to start one day.

I’ll never forget the parent teacher conference we had mid semester. Instead of tattling to my parents about my poor performance in math and science, my teacher just handed them a box. Inside was an anthology of everything I’d created in the past few months. Piles and piles of work that wasn’t assigned to me, that nobody asked me to do, that didn’t have any grades on it, and that didn’t even count toward my overall mark in class.

It was just a bunch of stuff I created and dumped on my teacher’s desk so I could go back to work on something else.

All my parents could do was laugh. Because they knew, even at the age of eight, there was no stopping that train. The impulse to originate was strong with this one, and it was best to just stand back and enjoy the ride.

Edwin wrote a beautiful song on this very topic:

It was a love so big that it filled his heart, until it swelled and finally burst apart, and where the love spilled out they called it art, but he never really had no choice.

A reminder to all the parents and teachers out there, the inner commitment to expressing yourself can’t be learned. It’s not something people are conscious of. It’s just there. And your job is to say yes to it. Then get the hell out of the way.

How did your childhood inform your career?

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