The Jason Kotecki Guide to Creating Art, Even When You Have Three Kids

The power of relentless resourcefulness

Relentless resourcefulness is about finding the people who can help you become what you need to be, but it’s also about finding the right tools that can help take you where you want to go.

Even if you have to trick, trap, tease or hack yourself.

Jason, my cartoonist friend, has a busy travel schedule and hectic home life that doesn’t allow him to be as disciplined as he wants to be. And so, he often spends a weekend locked in a hotel room on a writing retreat. The hotel is only a few miles from his house, but it’s literally the only way he can achieve complete freedom from distraction.

The good news is, after few days in complete seclusion, jacked up on coffee and silence, he manages to accomplish the equivalent of three months worth of work.

Because creators do whatever it takes.

It doesn’t matter if your tool is dopey or dramatic or extreme, as long as it gets you one step closer to your dream, it’s worthwhile. As long as it advances your ability to do what you love, it’s worthwhile. Just watch what happens in your life as you spend more money on your creative expression.

The only caveat is, make sure you’re not hiding behind your tools. Delaying progress because you don’t have the perfect equipment. Don’t be tempted into to buying state of the art equipment to preserve the illusion of professionalism, productivity and success.

Like the amateur golfer who tries to buy himself a lower score with an oversized zero gravity titanium driver with the expanded sweet spot for slice correction, creative materialism will get you nowhere.

Make sure you’re not making gods out of your tools. It hurts your work in the long run. McLuhan was right when he said first we shape our tools, then our tools shape us.

Do you have a tendency to underestimate your own resourcefulness?

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