The Louie CK Guide to Getting Your Projects Off the Ground

Just give it a life

Louie once did an inspiring interview about his early work as a film director.

His advice to young artists was, whatever project you’re working on, just start making it. Just give it a life.

Which sounds rather simplistic, but the insight is actually quite accurate. Considering the current technological landscape, one in which creative resources are free and accessible to all, now anybody can do anything for nothing. Which means the only obstacle left is permission.

And so, if you’re struggling to move forward on you idea, consider asking yourself a few questions. What psychological construct of notenoughness is holding you back? What is the story you’re telling yourself about why you don’t deserve to initiate your project?

Once you’re willing to honestly work through those permissions, you can create the right environment for your work to begin.

Personally, my obstacle was always youth. Having started my entrepreneurial journey at such a young age, I didn’t believe I had enough birthdays under my belt to say anything meaningful. And I bought into the maxim that it takes ten or more years of adult life to find something to say that tens of millions of people want to hear.

But that’s simply not true. That’s just a story cynical old people tell to scare the off young. Ellis famously dubbed this cognitive distortion musterbation, a form of inflexible demand thinking where we obsessively tell ourselves that we must do things a certain way. Or in my case, not do things a certain way.

The good news is, once I came to terms with the fact that age was nothing but a number, that it wasn’t the years but the mileage, execution ceased to be a problem. I just started making stuff. I just starting giving every project a life. Because that stupid little shoulder devil was no longer whispering words of notenoughness into my ear.

What parts of your creative life are you not giving yourself permission to live fully?

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