The man who waits for reality to write the truth inside his soul waits in vain

Playing the comparison game

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The problem with playing the comparison game is, most people are liars.

They extrapolate. They make themselves and their businesses and their successes seem bigger than they really are.

And so, their version of happiness is purely speculation. We don’t know the whole story.

Poe famously said people should believe half of what they see and none of what we hear.

But then again, he may never have said that at all. Franklin has also been attached to that quotation, ironically enough.

Yet another reminder, nobody knows anything. We’re all just guessing.

Consider the following phrase.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

It’s the standard safety warning that’s required to be engraved on all passenger side mirrors of cars, according to federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Not only to protect drivers and keep car companies from from getting sued, but also to remind people that their eyes betray them. That the vast majority of reality remains hidden from their view. And that if a person is suffering, it’s because they are mistaken about the true nature of things.

Like my coach friend loves to say:

When you start to feel bad about yourself, find the lie.

Uncover the unreasonable expectation. Identify the beliefs that are hiding reality from your eyes. And start redrawing the map of your reality.

Next time you start imprisoning yourself through comparison, attempting to determine your value based on how you stack up against others, remember two things.

First, most people lie.

Second, you don’t need to join another organization just so strangers can bullshit you about how well they’re doing.

Just play your own game. And not only will you win every time, but you’ll enjoy playing a whole lot more.

Rand was right when she said that the man who waits for reality to write the truth inside his soul waits in vain.

What perceptions do you have about other people’s apparent success that continually cause your stress level to increase?

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