The Robert Rodriguez Guide to Overwhelming People

Become an industry player in no time

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There’s nothing more underrated than overwhelming people.

If you have the ability to compete on the rare combination of volume and velocity, it can be brilliant strategy for making a name for yourself.

Because nobody sees it coming. It’s a pattern violation. And the only human response is awe. The eleventh emotion. Which, as we showed in my concert documentary, exists at the intersection of wow and how.

Wow, meaning you’re in the presence of something sizable, powerful and prestigious, and the sense of vastness overwhelms you.

How, meaning you can’t possibly comprehend the mechanics behind that thing, and the desire to accommodate that experience into your worldview takes you over.

Wow and how. That’s awe.

Rodriguez once said that filmmakers are so scrutinized on their second movies that they freak out and fumble.

And so, he knew people would be watching for that sophomore slump, instead of making one film and putting all the eggs in one basket, he simply confused the marketplace by putting out four films quickly.

That way, nobody would be able to figure out which was the second, third, fourth or fifth.

And it worked. Robert became a player in the industry in record time. All because he used volume and velocity to overwhelm people. He created awe. Wow plus how.

And so, if you want to get to the next level quickly, figure out what asset you have more of than anyone else in the world, and let her rip.

What’s your strategy for overwhelming people?

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