The Ryan Adams Guide to Not Staying Up All Night and Worrying About Happiness in the Workplace

Lessons learned from my favorite songwriter

Stravinsky wrote in his autobiography that composition was a daily function he felt compelled to discharge. He made things because he was made for that and could not do otherwise.

Most artists can relate to that impulse to originate. They’re hardwired for creation. Regardless of schedule or mood or location or day of the week, they get up in the morning and listen to what they’re supposed to make next. We can think of it as work, but it’s really just the most natural way for them to engage with the world.

Every day, they need to use their brain for real stretches of time. Every day, they need to enjoy the feel of their own mind at work. Every day, they need to return to the place where they’re most powerful, which is their own minds. Because every day, they need the intellectual and emotional stimulation that can only come from the act of putting down their ideas on a blank canvas.

I was reading an article about one of my songwriting heroes, who told the interviewer:

You are not talking to a person who wants to make music, I fucking make music. It’s a spiritual and personal quest for me that is flesh and blood and everything I am. I’m going to do it. It’s what I do. I do this because I found this, and when I found it, it was me. It’s just how I communicate.

Do you think that songwriter has any challenges with employee engagement? Do you think he stays up at night wondering about happiness in the workplace?

Never. Because his reality is a beautiful and loving extension of the groundwork laid in the inner space of his mind.

What’s your work manifesto?

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