The Steve Jobs Guide to Ignoring Everything Your Customers Say and Just Doing Whatever the Hell You Want

Stop listening to people

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I overheard a fascinating conversation the other day.

Two friends were having coffee, reminiscing about their college days, when one of the women said, I was looking for people to tell me that my dreams were crazy so I could abandon them and make it other people’s fault, not my own.

That broke my heart. In fact, part of me wanted to walk over to their table and scream, why are you listening to these people?

Nobody knows anything. Nobody knows what you are here to do. Nobody knows what’s inside of you. Greenlight your own desires and get on with it.

And yes, I understand we all have a unique chorus of voices inside our heads, filled with parents and family members and authority figures enlightening us with their brilliant advice. But listening is highly overrated. History has literally proved this time and time again.

Ford? If he listened to his customers, they would have asked for faster horse. Edison? If listened to his critics, we would still be going to bed at seven. Jobs? If he listened to his pundits, we’d still be carrying nylon cases of compact discs.

Clearly, if we’re too busy listening to everybody, we’ll never hear the sound of our own voice.

And so, don’t let one piece of information fill your entire identity screen. Don’t let people’s feedback define who you are or dictate how you see yourself. Stick your fingers in your ears. Tell yourself that you’re worthy of your dreams, that your dreams are worthy of you, and get to work.

Because nobody knows anything. They’re all just guessing.

Who are you still demanding excessive reassurance from?

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