Their face just flaps in the water like dog jowls hanging out of a car

Mastering the economy of effort

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The best part about watching competitive swimmers is, they never make any tense, contorted facial expressions.

No matter how exhausted and cramped and aggressive they are on the inside, their face just flaps in the water like dog jowls hanging out of a car window. Because when a person is under water, they have to relax everything they can relax. That way, all of the oxygen in their body can go to the places that are doing all the work.

It’s a smart approach to swimming. In fact, it’s a smart approach to everything. Mastering the economy of effort.

Walk into the workspace of any prolific creator, and you’ll notice how they’ve arranged their work to coincide with their energy style. They spend as little energy as possible to get things done. They surrender their actions to systems superior to their minds, leaving them free to strategically focus their available energy on the work that matters most. They’re swimmers.

Walk into the workspace of an amateur, and you’ll notice them investing all their valuable creative energy waging personal battles of useless speculation, trapped in the vortex of comparing and chasing and airing grievances. They’re drowning.

Proving, that in the economy of effort, oxygen is everything. It’s freely available and highly efficacious. But only when it travels to the right part of your system.

Next time you see a commercial for a new energy drink that contains nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, essential oils, healing properties, all natural ingredients, electrolytes and vitamins and minerals that will help flush out free radicals, toxins and impurities from your system, run in the other direction.

You don’t need any synthetic forms of aliveness.

Focus on expanding your capacity for positive energy. And while the rest of the world is nodding out in front of the television, you’ll be left with undirected kilowatts to redirect into something creative and enriching.

Have you taken responsibility for the energy you bring to the world?

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