There is room in us for everyone

All of the energy in the room vaporizes

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Mitchell’s translation of the ancient texts have guided my personal development for many years.

Taoist principles of balance and perspective and surrender and generosity of spirit have transformed the way I understand the world, interact with other people, and most importantly, speak to myself when I’m going through a difficult time.

One lesson in particular revolves around connection, compassion and inclusion.

People are what they are, he writes, and they’ll do what they do, without or without our laws. And so, our job is to meet their minds with understanding. Not to help or fix or change or rehabilitate them when we believe they’re wrong, but to think:

Okay then, this is all the depth that’s required in your world right now. I understand that the illusion you’re holding onto is precious for you, and if you want to keep it, then that’s what I want to. Why would I want to take your world from you, even if I could?

It’s the biggest interpersonal crime that human beings commit. They intentionally take the emotional wind out of other people’s sails. They assert their need to be right or superior or funny or the center of attention, and that robs another person of their joy in the moment.

It’s literally deflating. You start sharing a story or telling a joke or expressing an opinion, and the moment somebody jumps in with their chalkboard to heroically explain just how incompetent you are, all of the energy in the room vaporizes.

Your posture crumbles. A surge of sudden disinterest washes over your body. And you feel ten inches small. Because they dismissed and belittled your joy. They deflated your confidence. They took the wind out of your sails.

When they just as easily could have sat back, kept their mouth shut and just let you be in love with your own opinions.

It’s the opposite of compassion. And it creates resentment, frustration and distance between people.

Taoism was onto something. The mystics believed that there was room in us for everyone.

And that so many of our problems could be solved by a simple and sudden surge of understanding.

How often do you try to steal people’s world from them?

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