Tough shit, snap out of it.

Well, so much for empathy

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Hell isn’t other people, hell is trying to change them.

Unfortunately, that’s the crux of every argument in human history. It always boils down to one person silently asking another, why can’t you be more like me?

And so, if you want to deepen your reservoir of empathy and care, start by never assuming other people are having the same experience you’re having. No matter how tempting it is to respond to them by saying, oh, big deal, remember that it’s not up to you to determine what should constitute a big deal to somebody.

It’s not helping the situation to tell people, tough shit, snap out of it.

Jump out of your narrow soul for a moment. Contextualize things in the larger ecosystem of humanity. Instead of identifying with perfect precision what’s wrong with everyone else in every situation, start asking people, hey, what am I missing here?

Instead of making people feel stupid for having a different thought than you did, start asking them, what are you seeing that I’m not seeing, that I need you to help me see?

That’s a reservoir of empathy and care. Being the one trying to connect, versus trying to correct. Knowing everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

And trusting the possibility that under certain circumstances, it actually makes perfect sense for people to think and behave the ways they do.

How willing are you to look at others through the eyes of compassion?

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