Trying to make stew out of a soup bone

Fighting the resistance to creativity

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Just as you want to honor the flow when it comes, you also want to respect the drought when it arrives. Because despite your best efforts to take action, sometimes you experience a surge of sudden disinterest.

Maybe it’s because of time or geography or inner state or outer turmoil, but whatever the root cause, one thing’s for sure. You feel drained and exhausted and maybe even depressed.

God damn it. This venture is going nowhere. I’m tired of trying to make stew out of a soup bone, you think.

And that’s okay. If you know how to frame for yourself what you are experiencing, the resistance can’t take you down. If you know how to cope with the inevitable meaning crises of existence, you don’t have to put your creative life on hold.

Miyagi once said that the best way to block a punch was to not be there. The same principle applies here. Next time you feel the energy draining away, accept that the well has run dry. Recognize that your current task is unlikely to generate the experience of meaning. And then remember that you can weather these times by turning your energies elsewhere.

That’s the benefit of polyamorous creation, or, pursuing relationships with multiple creative projects simultaneously. When you approach your work in this way, you insure yourself against the inevitable surges of disinterest. After all, reliance on a single source of meaning leaves you vulnerable to threats and losses.

And so, get in the habit of always having at least one meaningful creative project in front of you. Practice redistributing your energies on a moment’s notice. That way, you’ll be able to work despite mood, context or motivation.

How quickly do you restore meaning when it drains?

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