Waiting for the universe to deliver our dreams to us is not an effective strategy

The stories we tell ourselves

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There’s part of us that believes the very act of trying will contaminate the result.

That the harder we chase after what we want, the more it will deny and elude us. And so, we just sit back and relax and allow it to be organic and land softly on our shoulder.

But in many cases, that’s just cop out. A cozy little story we enjoy telling ourselves because it removes all the responsibility from our back.

It’s like the chronically blocked artist. After a certain period of time, he grows to enjoy being a unsuccessful creator. Because being blocked has become part of his identity. It’s the story he gets to carry around with himself, and it’s bulletproof.

But here’s the reality check. No matter how hard we try not to try, sitting around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the universe to deliver our dreams to us is not an effective strategy. We have to be proactive and hungry and intentional and disciplined. There has to be a sense of agency and urgency burning inside of us. And there has to be a buttress of action underneath our dreams.

Otherwise we’ll be stuck in limbo for a very long time.

I once interviewed with a consulting firm who claimed they badly needed to develop more rigor around their company’s intellectual property and knowledge management, creating infrastructure and machinery to kick out thought leadership content on a consistent basis.

As luck would have it, I literally wrote the book on how to become prolific.

And so, I pitched them a proven intellectual property development system. And they balked. As soon as I presented a viable solution to their problem, they suddenly had a change and heart and decided it wasn’t that big of a problem after all.

Funny how that works. The moment you give somebody the keys to the kingdom, they drop them. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to give up that story they’ve been carrying around all this time.

It’s like insulation to them. It’s just easier to not try.

Are you waiting for your dreams to come true, or is it the other way around?

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