Wake up and laugh how it used to be

Prosecuting yourself for crimes past

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In the harsh light of hindsight, it’s tempting to curse and kick and berate ourselves for being so naïve.

What the hell was I thinking? How could I have been so spectacularly blind?

Of course, these kinds of questions only imprison us in our embittered histories.

When the reality is, the past is not a problem to be solved, it’s a book to be read. A series of lessons to advance us to higher levels of loving and living.

And so, the real questions are, can we forgive our past broken self and be proud of the current one? Can we clear the emotional wreckage of feelings about the past and use those experiences as tools to help ourselves and others to be more accepting of each other?

That’s a more loving, kind, forgiving, compassionate and accepting way to live.

There’s no need to burden ourselves with an unwelcome inheritance we carry from sins past. It’s a colossal waste of time to throw our line over the wall of history and see what we can catch.

Instead, let us forgive our past broken selves and be proud of the current ones.

Are you prepared to wake up and laugh how it used to be, or do you continue to prosecute yourself for crimes past?

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