We are defined by what we decline

Would this project bring me energy or rob me of my life force?

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Saying no is the fundamental way we have of differentiating ourselves.

We are defined by what we decline.

And so, I work very hard at saying, let somebody else play that game. It’s a crucial part of my originality filter. Rejecting the low hanging fruit opportunities so that I can gravitate toward projects and activities where the amount of craft I have to bring is higher.

Where I can engage all of my gifts in a meaningful way.

Where there’s fresh powder, so to speak.

I once entertained the idea of converting my intellectual property into a ten week college course. Both for the continuing education department at major university, and also for a popular online community.

And so, I spent several months with my nose to the grindstone, learning about instructional design and fleshing out the curriculum.

Until one afternoon during a walk in the park, it hit me.

I’m not a teacher. I don’t want to be a teacher. In fact, I would made a horrible teacher. Because teaching involves giving assignments and having patience and holding people’s hands and managing details and thinking linearly and setting milestones and keeping the peace. That sounds awful. At least, for someone with my personality and skillset.

But that was an important realization to have. Because once I learned that I wasn’t interested in enduring the sacrifice, risk and adventure that committing to being a teacher entailed, I was free to say, let somebody else play that game.

So I did. I abandoned the education venture. And in its place, I initiated an exciting new project that forged the frontiers of my originality. The concert documentary integrated all of my talents, from songwriting to musical performing to mass communicating to public speaking to marketing strategy, all in one. Something teaching a class could never do for me.

Lesson learned, instead of executing another me too product, place yourself in a market niche where your existing assets shine brighter than the competition. Ask yourself:

Will this create the feeling of a new sense of energy flowing through me? Will this enable the soul to find greater expression? And will this result in the human spirit revealing itself more definitely?

If so, go get that fresh powder.

Because the reward is, you get to feel like you’re creating in a risky way.

Are you competing in events where you can win the gold?

For the list called, “99 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur, Even If You Aren’t One,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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