We hang out balls out there to dangle in the breeze

Initiating something new

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Everything real comes from initiating something new, following through with all of your might and being willing to risk upsetting people along the way.

When I decided to film a concert documentary underneath a historic tunnel in a popular public park, I was terrified of bothering everyone from the police officers to the parks department to the homeless people living inside the tunnel to the families picnicking outside the tunnel.

I stressed about it for six months. In fact, on the day of the show, I printed out an official copy of the special events permit and kept it in my back pocket, just in case the authorities tried to shut down production.

But of course, nobody said a word. Quite the contrary, in fact. The music and cameras and instruments and microphones and orange cones piqued people’s curiosity. And within ten minutes of yelling action, we drew a nice little crowd underneath the tunnel for our concert.

By that point, I had purged all of my fears around initiating something new and upsetting people, and ended up delighting them instead. Even though I secretly wanted to be arrested by the park ranger, if only for the production value.

But that’s the entrepreneur’s code. We take the risk. We do something that might disturb the peace. And we hang out balls out there to dangle in the breeze.

Does your project matter enough for the risk and the effort you’re putting into it?

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Scott Ginsberg
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