What accomplishments would make you feel better about yourself today?

How to make yourself proud

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One of our goals in life is to make ourselves proud.

To experience the euphoric satisfaction from having lived up to our expectations for ourselves.

And the good news is, that feeling isn’t limited solely to the external accomplishments we’ve been told are worth celebrating.

There are also internal victories that induce just as much satisfaction.

Along my own emotional and existential journey, for example, I find it exhilarating to watch myself rake out my tool kit and predictably pop myself out of a state of imbalance and into a state of equilibrium.

Anytime I employ my capacity to process daily life, to accept my emotional state without condemning it, to spontaneously soothe and comfort myself internally, to create safety for myself right away, to meet the stresses of the day and make small but important adjustments to survive and thrive, that’s a victory.

That’s a genuine achievement that’s worth taking pride in.

Even if nobody sees it but me.

You take your momentum and confidence where you can get it. You do what it takes to give yourself a psychological pat on the back, saturate your consciousness with victory and instill a greater sense of agency.

What accomplishments would make you feel better about yourself today?

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