What are you not committed to, only because you don’t believe it can be done?

Selling the sheeps

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I’ll never forget reading the story about the middle eastern farmer who became rich and famous by selling sheep using the photo sharing app on his smartphone.


Ali never could have dreamed of that level of economic prosperity twenty years ago. In fact, he probably comes from a long family lineage of sheep herders, most of whom wouldn’t even believe his story if he told them.

The question is, how do people step into that kind of power? How is it that some farmer in the middle of nowhere can make the impossible happen?

It starts with belief. Because if you think something hard is impossible, you’ll never even start trying to achieve it. And so, acquiring the capacity to make the impossible happen has less to do with authority, competence and influence, and more to do with initiative, commitment and resilience.

Gross’s research on personal reinvention coined a helpful phrase called the designated impossibility. It’s when you designate something as significant to yourself, recognizing that you cannot accomplish it with the power you currently have, and knowing that you must reinvent yourself or it will remain impossible.

Ali didn’t change the world, he changed himself in relation to it. He reinvented the way he thought about business and farming and communicating and marketing. And that allowed him to do battle with the impossible.

What are you not committed to, only because you don’t believe it can be done?

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