What are you willing to trade ambiguity for?

Diving in head first

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Ambiguity is so uncomfortable that it causes people to abandon their project completely, or worse yet, jump into premature closure.

It’s like eating raw cookie dough. It’s delicious and satisfying and helpful for quelling the anxiety, but ultimately, it hurts us in the long term.

And so, the secret is to push through the ambiguity, rather than evade it. To accept that we will never be ready, never in the mood and never equipped with enough information, and so, we may as well proceed anyway. Because we have faith in ourselves, in the process and in the universe.

I’ve written and produced two music films. And for the first project, I knew exactly what I was looking for, both aesthetically and logistically. Which made the filmmaking process easier, but extensive and exhausting. ]

For the second movie, however, I didn’t cast a big, sweeping, specific vision. I was much more willing to act in the service of whatever was emerging. Which made the filmmaking process scarier, but faster and more surprising.

Because it required a level of trust that I wasn’t used to holding.

But by the time we wrapped, not only did the movie come out more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, but I had also learned a powerful lesson in surrender, trust and ambiguity.

The point is, we’re not always able to bring knowledge to the path. Sometimes we just have to trust that it is the function of the path to equip us with knowledge along the way.

And all we have to do is take that terrifying first step to activate the process.

What are you willing to trade ambiguity for?

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