What awaits you in the refining fire of discipline?

Putting yourself through boot camp

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Every successful goes through some version of boot camp.

It’s that initial indoctrination and instruction that’s designed to push them to their physical and mental limits, much further than they would normally push themselves alone. It’s intense, it’s stressful, it’s fast and it’s unforgiving.

And yet, nobody regrets it. Because when they look back five, ten, even twenty years later, they realize that their boot camp created the basis for action in the battlefields of the future.

I played high school football for four years. And every summer, we suffered through twoadays. Practicing from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon, in full pads, in one hundred degree heat, every single day. For two weeks.

It was hell on earth. Making it to lunch without passing out was a victory in itself.

And yet, we all knew it was good for us. Our boot camp conditioned our bodies, our bonds and our minds. What’s more, in those few weeks, we clocked the equivalent to six months of playing time. Even though season hadn’t even started year.

That’s how boot camps work. They allow you to accumulate significant experience in a compressed unit of time.

And so, whatever dream you’re chasing, the healthiest thing you could do, especially early on in the process, is to find a way to put yourself through boot camp. To surrender yourself to a process and a venue and an experience that’s outside of your control.

One that forces you to fight for your life. One that takes you on a ride before you’re ready to go on one. One that promises total exhaustion from tasks that are outside of your skill set.

Like the newly formed garage band who books themselves on a thirty city tour playing shithole bars with terrible acoustics and apathetic audiences. Get in the van and get ready to develop a case of the humbles.

What awaits you in the refining fire of discipline?

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