What creative season are you currently experiencing?

Falling into a period of prolificacy

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Falling into a period of prolificacy is one of creativity’s most thrilling experiences.

You feel like you’re being attacked by inspiration. You have more good ideas than clam chowder has calories. And the projects you create become the overflowing contents of your fertile mind spilled out across the canvas.

Every artist longs to be there, many get there, some return there and even few remain there.

Dylan’s most prolific and arguably greatest period of songwriting, musicianship and recording, all generated in the course of fourteen months and produced three extremely memorable albums.

Billboard’s theory is, those particular songs spawned a sea change within the recording industry of the mid sixties, shedding light on his legendary transition from folk to rock music and his sharp integration of rock, blues and countrified sounds with lyrical fever dreams, spitfire beat poetics, obtuse personal observations, amphetamine confessionals and biting social commentary.

Prolificacy would be an understatement.

But even the tambourine man knew it wouldn’t last forever. And it didn’t, although it did return several times in his career.

Proving, that the great creative discipline is knowing what season it is. Developing an exquisite understanding of your own artistic timing. Listening for what wants to be written.

Because you can’t stay on a roll forever. Eventually, you have to refill the reservoir. It’s part and parcel of the creative process.

You inhale, you exhale. You breathe in inspiration, you breathe out art. You scour the earth for raw materials, you alchemize them into something beautiful.

And so, whenever you come to the end of a creative season, it’s important to greet it with the following posture.

Forgive reality for being what it is. Accept the new season that approaches on the horizon. Be compassionate when it arrives and gently ushers out the old.

And be grateful that you were intuitive enough to honor and enjoy the process along the way.

What creative season are you currently experiencing?

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