What excuses are you making not to risk yourself?

Earnesty is the best policy

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To make an earnest, exposed statement is itself an act of bravery.

After all, the world is a cynical, corrupt, snarky place. One where people fetishize irony and have zero tolerance for earnestness.

And so, it’s no surprise that we’ve develop a conflicted relationship with our most earnest aspirations. There’s too much social risk.

Think of it this way. When we’re sitting in traffic and another driver catches us belting out show tunes at the top of our lungs, there are two possible responses.

We can turn beet red and avert our eyes and shamefully slide down our car seat, hoping that person doesn’t judge us further.

Or we can turn the knob to eleven and sing even louder and maybe even roll down the window and reach out the invisible microphone and invite that other person to sing along with us.

We always have that choice. It’s one that we make dozens of times a day. Instead of sheepishly admitting our guilty pleasures, we could shamelessly express our sincerest enthusiasms. Instead of dodging responsibility for our decisions, we could find the firm ground on which we stand fearlessly and sing that song as loud as we can.

The point is, irony is exhausting. Trying to look cool is a complete waste of energy. Earnestness, on the other hand, is liberating. And it’s a lot less work.

What’s more, when we take complete ownership over something, truly allowing that thing to possess us, the world has a hell of hard time trying to shoot holes in it.

What excuses are you making not to risk yourself?

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Scott Ginsberg
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