What gives you the energy to leave your isolation?

Open our eyes to this harmful cycle

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Even when we do have many powerful reasons for isolating, burrowing under the blanket and hiding from the day rarely brings us the kind of relief we need.

Brooding about our circumstances, stewing with our feelings and sitting alone and isolated, that usually just worsens our situation. It traps us in a sad ruminative loop that pushes away the very type of connections that could actually help alleviate our loneliness.

And if we don’t open our eyes to this harmful cycle, it becomes harder and harder to snap out of it.

I once read that the purpose of loneliness was to provide humans a transition to connection.

It’s an interesting way to process at that feeling. Almost as a momentum device. Because no matter how empty and sad that loneliness is, it’s still energy. Which means it can be channeled.

And that’s the moment. That’s the pivot point when we can choose to live in a world with other people.

Next time the chilling vapor of loneliness begins to settle down, allow yourself to feel those feelings, but then start converting that energy into momentum. Use it to push your ass out the front door and rejoin the world.

Your soul with thank you.

Remember, action is the magic word that gets the interpersonal ball rolling. We must move. Otherwise the loneliness will deepen and trap us in a desert of isolation where we might find our way out.

What gives you the energy to leave your isolation?

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