What happened to the last person you tried to convert?

A horrible job you’ve given yourself

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It’s easy to become obnoxious about newfound enlightenment.

Especially when you’re still riding the high of your own epiphany. The natural tendency is to project it onto others. To try and convert everyone you encounter. To take up the mantle of evangelism and declare the glory among all nations and preach the gospel to every living creature and fight those who do not believe until they all surrender.

Well, that sounds exhausting. Trying to save and fix and control everybody, setting other people’s goals, asserting your moral superiority at every possibility, being the lord of answers for everyone you meet, subtly controlling and molding others in your own image, what a horrible job to give yourself.

Besides, where will you find the time to build a life of your own if you’re so busy trying to push people to dismantle theirs?

And so, whatever trendy diet or life philosophy or exercise regiment or meditation practice or marketing strategy or online dating hack is working for you, that’s great. Congrats. Keep it up. But perhaps it’s time to resign as general disciple of the universe. Perhaps becoming the light of the world isn’t as important as simply living in that world for a while first.

Drop your own expectations of what you want other people to be for you. Respect people’s potential to develop beyond where they are, but grant them the right to be who they are. Be the one who looks for truth, not the one who found it. Because the beauty is in the questioning.

Answers are highly overrated anyway. Next time you stumble upon a new piece of enlightenment, take pause before releasing the hounds.

What happened to the last person you tried to convert?

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