What happens to your life when you stop creating?

Mental health through imagination

The reason I write every day is because I can’t afford not to.

In my experience, when I stop creating, my mind turns on itself. Its power inverts. It uses the excess energy to creatively sabotage me from within, busying itself weaving a web of inner fears, doubts and excuses. And it traps me in an infinite regression of meaninglessness, procrastination and lethargy.

That’s the thing about imagination, it’s a neutral construct. It’s a chunk of tofu in a bowl of soy sauce, taking on the shape and size of whatever environment it’s immersed it.

And so, it doesn’t care if it’s creating symphonies or somatic stomach pain. It’s just another day at the office. Imagination follows whatever marching order we give it. The challenge, then, is making sure its energies are channeled into the healthiest, happiest and most helpful directions.

If you notice yourself descending into a mindset of comparing and competing, recognize that you’ve made a poor investment decision with your imagination, take a deep breath, and reroute that energy into acts of creating and connecting.

If you notice yourself degrading into an attitude of cynicism and apathy, accept that you’ve misdirected your creativity onto a negative canvas, take a deep breath, and deflect those feelings into acts of making art and solving problems.

If you see yourself artfully creating constant distraction to prevent you from taking action on your dreams, take a deep breath, and reinvest that momentum into meaningful tasks and activities guaranteed to move the story forward.

The point is, imagination as at your beck and call, standing by for its creative directive. Don’t put it work on something negative.

What happens to your life when you stop creating?

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