What have you done in the last sixty days to make yourself more mentorable?

The arrogance of waiting

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It’s not the world’s job to supply us with gurus.

We cannot wait quietly for the perfect mentor to arrive and guide us in the development of our craft.

Life rarely reflects the tidy narrative arc of the hero’s journey, whereby we meet the seasoned traveler who gives us the supplies and knowledge and confidence required to overcome our fears and face the adventure.

Truth is, if we want people to take a real interest in our aspirations and encourage our goals and dreams, the best thing we can do is start. Behave our way into being noticed.

That’s how mentoring works. It’s not a sanctioned relationship, it’s somebody who sees something in you that somebody once saw in them.

Fifteen years ago, I wrote a book that went viral before viral was viral. In a six month period, I did nearly two hundred of television, radio and newspaper interviews.

But although I failed to convert any of that media attention into sales, I did receive emails from several people who would become lifelong mentors. And those relationships became more meaningful than a few thousand bucks I might have made on my website.

Mentoring is like rock climbing. Footholds appear when we move our feet, not when we scream out for help.

And so, if we want attract people to help us get to the next level, it’s our responsibility to take the first step. To have faith in our own abilities. And to seek mentoring opportunities through the attraction of working, not the arrogance of waiting.

What have you done in the last sixty days to make yourself more mentorable?

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