What I learned about marketing from my muscle bound friend

Lessons learned from fitness teachers

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I have a personal trainer friend who opened up his own fitness center fifteen years ago.

He’s hugely successful, on top of being hugely muscular. Clients rave about his team’s unique approach to weight training.

But make no mistake, it’s not a gym. There are no contracts or membership fees or age requirements or workout packages of any kind. His company sells one product.

Personal training.

That’s it. Take it or leave it.

Here’s what I love about this approach. It’s focused. There are no choices. The product is a binary offering. You either buy it, or you don’t. That’s an invaluable asset for any business. Because a confused mind never buys. And customers are secretly relieved when you remove the burden of choice.

Second, it’s simple. There is no friction or complexity. The product strips away everything superfluous, distracting and frustrating about the traditional gym experience. They’ve left behind nothing other than pure value. They’ve made it beyond easy for customers to use their product. That’s differentiation. Which is crucial, considering recent fitness industry research reports that there are thirty thousand gyms in the country.

Thirty thousand.

Proving, that the world doesn’t need another gym. In fact, the world doesn’t need another anything. We live in the most abundant period in human history.

And so, here’s the question.

If everyone you’re marketing to has everything they need, how could you invent something they want?

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