What is the psychological cost of retaining your individuality?

Sucking it up

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Every day, employees struggle to work for organizations because they feel robbed of their individuality.

That’s the corporate way of life. In most companies, the individual is the instrument, not the purpose.

Fat chance finding a company that says to its employees, what do you want to become and how can we adapt to help you be that?

And yet, freelance work isn’t without its share of existential anxieties. They’re just inverted. Because once you’ve hired yourself, a primary source of anxiety is be the persistent pressure to meet your expectations for yourself.

Thats how entrepreneurs and artists are wired. They’re not built to conform. They’re born with a deep desire to assert their individuality. They’re constantly differentiating and battling convention and trying to stand out in everything they do.

Which can be rewarding, but also exhausting. The struggle to become and remain the individual they were born to be can feel like a lifelong homework assignment they’ve given themselves.

In fact, people often indulge in the fantasy of working a mundane day job at some warehouse where they don’t have to stress about making a name for themselves every goddamn minute of the day.

There’s something strangely liberating about an existence of exquisite ordinariness.

What is the psychological cost of retaining your individuality?

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