What is the reality you need to face in order to follow through?

The hardest and the most important step

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Marx predicted that power would go to those who owned the means of production.

What he didn’t anticipate, though, was that technology would evolve to a point where the means of production, the instruments of labor, would become simple, free, fast and everywhere.

Thanks to the miracle of digital technology, now anybody can make anything for nothing. Anybody can share anything with anybody for nothing. Creation and distribution have been democratized.

Which means, if there’s something you want to make, but you still haven’t shipped yet, it’s not a problem of production, it’s a problem of permission.

Your thing doesn’t exist in the real world because some psychological block inside your head won’t allow it to.

Buddhists would tell you to attack the corners. To start with the little things that stick out, and then work your way into the big things.

It’s a very useful approach if you’re already predisposed to execution.

But if your mind is still attached to the world of thoughts and ideas, it may never happen.

I have multiple colleagues who have been working on the same project for literally a decade. And not some super ambitious, million dollar endeavor that requires ten years of laboring in obscurity.

This is a one page website for god’s sake.

The point is, they’re putting off action to a day that never arrives. And it’s not my job to judge, rescue or educate anybody. Only notice.

Awareness is always the first, the hardest and the most important step.

What is the reality you need to face in order to follow through?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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