What lies are your excuses guarding?

That would mean you’d have to actually take responsibility

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Cameron’s school of thought, which has been fundamental in my own development as an artist, promotes the idea that writing writes things.

She says that as we move our hands across the canvas of our lives, we paint more vividly the brush strokes of our experience. Our transitions become more consciously wrought. And writing becomes transformative, alchemical, empowering and enlightening.

Writing writes things.

Through this mantra, I discovered creating to be a healing and spiritual act that opens up a safe space for me to construct my own paradigms and examine my own world views and explain my own life to myself.

And now, I can write my way out of anything.

That’s one hell of a superpower.

However, not everyone embraces this concept. The paradox of creativity is, it’s not only a form of restoration, but also confrontation.

That’s why blank canvases paralyze millions of people every single day. Deep down, the fear is, if we write about something, and god forbid, publish it for all the world to see, that means we can’t be angry at it anymore. Or sad about it. Or upset with it.

After all, we did sit down to process and exorcise our feelings around it, which means there’s no more room for skeletons.

No wonder creative blocks are so prevalent. Because most people don’t really want to abolish the thing that’s giving them trouble.

That would mean they’d have to actually take responsibility.

What lies are your excuses guarding?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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