What mysterious force do you need to name?

Give power back to yourself

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Everyone wants to build an environment around themselves that allows their greatness to emerge with the least amount of opposition.

But a dream without resistance is just another experience.

The pain is part and parcel of the journey. Conflict and tension and struggle may very well be disruptive influences, but they’re the only true sources of growth in this world.

That’s why we must view resistance as a natural process. As a sign that we’re on target with our dream. As a force we learn to deal with directly and impersonally to keep moving the story forward.

One technique I find helpful is to putting words on the form of resistance I’m currently encountering. Because I know that if I can name it, I can claim it.

Writing is the perfect example. When I sit down at my desk in the morning and my radar picks up a bogey of discouragement or demotivation or apathy, I call it out to myself. I witness that feeling as another clever incarnation of resistance, not as a part of my identity.

Sometimes I even smile or laugh or nod my head in love and appreciation that it’s arrived.

But more often than not, those responses scare resistance into a corner. Because there’s no fear for it to feed on.

That’s how resistance works. It’s like the school bully, who only has power to the extent that people are afraid of him.

The point is, there are as many journeys as there are people to take them. But the one obstacle that they all have in common is resistance. Be ready for it.

What mysterious force do you need to name in order to give yourself more power?

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