What questions are working on you?

No answer needed

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Ever since I was a child, I always felt it was better to ask the first question than have the last word.

Even if there was no real or immediate answer. That wasn’t the point.

Not every problem needs a solution. There are questions whose job it is just to be a question, not to have an answer. Their purpose in the world is to be continually held in our awareness, working on us, not the other way around. Each question is a small experiment, and we are the variables.

Of course, this mindset is more than just childlike curiosity. It’s essential existential equipment. Because if we truly want the to chance to craft a life best suited to our own skills and temperament, to carve out a special space in the world where we can find our authentic voice, we have to ask ourselves the right questions.

That’s the best way to kickstart our quest for meaning.

Here are a few I use to challenge myself:

How many different ways can I amplify my gift? Where do I find access to my full repertoire of energies? And what will allow me to operate at my highest point of contribution?

The answers are rarely swift and tidy. But it’s as good a starting point as any.

What questions are working on you?

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