What story are you telling yourself that’s blocking prosperity?

Trusting your instincts around money

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The need to constantly evaluate return on investment for every endeavor isn’t the pillar of a shrewd strategy, it’s a symptom of a scarcity mentality.

Nothing against the accounting department, but there’s a fine line between crunching numbers and robbing ourselves of joy.

If we are to cultivate true abundance, we can’t spend all of our time trying to financially justify everything move we make. Sometimes we have to, as my grandfather used to say, just buy the son of a bitch. Because nobody saves their way to prosperity.

The real work is making the internal shift. From scarcity to abundance. From save a dime mode to make a dollar mode. Consider these examples.

Instead of freaking out that the industry pie is shrinking, trust that more income is always possible. Instead of competing with colleagues, take comfort in your position without the need to surpass others. Instead of racking yourself with guilt over acquiring something new for yourself, welcome the genuine pleasure in obtaining what you desire to have. And instead of measuring and calculating and quantifying everything, learn to trust your spontaneous instinctual abilities.

After all, human beings have a tremendous range of intuitive powers available to us. We are indeed wiser than our intellects.

Explaining is draining. Free up the significant abundance that has long been trapped in the exhaustion of trying to convince yourself of return on investment.

What story are you telling yourself that’s blocking prosperity?

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