What to do when profit isn’t available to you yet

Building compound interest in your business

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Making money is a meaningful metric. It legitimizes your business and feels like success and gives you fuel to keep the train on the tracks.

But in the early stages of an enterprise, sometimes in the first few years of an enterprise, revenue and profit and income might aren’t always available to you.

And that’s okay. The money will come in time. For now, release the claustrophobic pressure of having to make money immediately and focus on activities that have compound interest.

This includes making art, solving problems, honing skills, earning attention, securing trust, establishing platform, enabling connection, cementing expertise, differentiating your brand and building an online legacy that increases in value daily.

These actions may be slow and unsexy and not economically rewarding in the way you want them to be, but when executed in consistent creative increments, they ultimately create a foundation from which money can flow forever.

I didn’t turn a profit for the first three years of being in business. And I was living with my parents and working nights and weekends as a valet parker at a luxury hotel.

But although those three years were unsexy, they certainly weren’t unproductive. Because I spent that time building as much compound interest as I could. And then, one day I picked my head up and realized that I had crossed over. I had generated enough momentum and leverage and volume and value to support myself. And the money was enough to take my business to the next level.

Conversely, had I spent those first three years solely trying to make money, scrambling to stave off the social stigma of financial legitimacy, I never would have built the necessary foundation of value. And success wouldn’t have been sustainable.

What story are you telling yourself about money?

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