What treacherous cycle do you need to free yourself from?

Chilling the hell out

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When I’m paying attention to things that are completely out of my control, participating in the nonstop tornado of nonsense, poised in a great ballet of expectation, agonizing over the trivia of the world, anxiety is never far behind.

And the irony is, I think it’s power, but it’s actually killing me.

However, the moment I remember that life is always giving me a chance not to give a shit, daring me to let go of its precious inconsequentialities, yet another tightly wrapped coil of stress lets go. My blood pressure and heart rate lower just a little more. And life seems to weigh a lot less.

Because there’s a part of me that’s finally resting. Nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to hide, nothing to prove, as the mantra goes.

I recently read an article about the ten most stressed out cities in the country. Turns out, the place I call home was ranked number one. Which is interesting, considering living in this city has resulted in the lowest stress level of my adult life. Perhaps attitude trumps geography. Perhaps the landscape of the mind is more powerful than the undertow of the masses.

Elsa knew what she was talking about. Let it go. I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.

What treacherous cycle do you need to free yourself from?

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