What we have here is a failure to educate

Teaching people how to treat you

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When you purchase an expensive painting, there’s a process.

Frame it. Wrap it. Box it. Ship it. Select the best room for viewing. Install a solid hook in the wall. Test the strength of the wire. Hang the painting carefully. Emphasize with the right lighting. And of course, dust the painting regularly for preservation.

Why settle for anything less? After all, that painting cost you thousands of dollars. It’s an investment. It’s a valuable work of art that a human being spent hours to make beautiful. And it deserves to be handled accordingly.

Funny how the process changes with a freshman in college looking to decorate his dorm room. Because after he stops by the local head shop and pays eight bucks for a laminated poster of some dead reggae singer, he stumbles home, sticks a few thumbtacks through the corners and mounts the poster in whatever grimy corner isn’t already covered.

Two very different products, two very different ways of treating them.

The question is, which one are you? Is the value of your work positioned in the marketplace as something worth taking care of? Worth viewing as an investment? Or do clients treat you like an object that they can use and throw away at the end of the semester?

I’ll never forget the conversation I had years ago with a consultant friend of mine. He said that his clients, who were mainly human resources directors at medium sized companies, viewed him as inventory.

Inventory. Ouch. Talk about the commoditization of talent. So much for choosing that which is highest in humanity.

But I couldn’t help but think to myself, well, that’s on him. Because you teach people how to treat you. And so, if you don’t feel valued by your clients, if you don’t feel taken care when you travel halfway across the country to do work for them, what we have here is a failure to educate.

Are you teaching people to treat you as a work of art hanging on the mantle, or a black light poster dangling from the corner?

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