What will keep your lust burning?

Joy is but a sin away

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For thousands of years, we’ve been brainwashed into believing that we should be afraid of our desires.

Thanks to the powers that be, humans have lived in fear that desire would lead them into dark, objectionable, indulgent and shameful places.

Consider the origin of the word.

Desire literally translates to mean lustful. It’s one of the seven deadly sins. It’s a capital vice. Dante even depicted it as the first circle of hell, reserved for carnal sinners who subordinate reason to desire, whose unforgiven souls were blown about in a restless hurricane symbolic of their own lack of control to their lustful passions in earthly life. He said they felt for the tormented whirlwinds, damned for their carnal sins, committed when they let their passions rule their reason.

No wonder we live in a world that’s been cut off from its own desires. No wonder we keep our lusts in check. No wonder we teach the heart to resist its deepest inclinations.

Because nobody wants to get caught being naughty. There’s no seat in heaven for those heathens. Better to play it safe and be superstitious, puritanical and repressed, lest we be judged by our fellow man or, worse yet, scorned by the invisible all powerful sky daddy himself.

But here’s a quick biology check. The human machine is built with powerful dreams and appetites and cravings. And there’s no reason not to honor those parts of our endowment.

Otherwise, what the hell are we doing here?

Postponing joy to the afterlife is an insult to the gift of being alive. True freedom is never having to bury our desires. Unless those desires result in hurting people.

Look, our life is a wonderful gauge telling us what we truly want. And it’s time for us to finally decide, as a society, to turn on what turns us on.

We can’t allow our desires to stay sobbing, awaiting our hand to take action upon them. Instead, we must give those parts of ourselves permission to express in the world.

What will keep your lust burning?

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