What’s worse, thinking you’re being paranoid or knowing you should be?

Introducing constraints purposely

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One of my favorite filmmakers said the advantage of low budget movies is that they put a wall in front of you, and only creativity will allow you to figure out how to get around it.

It’s the law of constraints. The fewer resources you have, the more you are forced to think laterally.

In fact, every time life gives me the gift of desperation, I’m secretly grateful. Because that bolt of panic, although it steals my breath and sends me into survival mode, it also unearths a portion of my creativity that I wouldn’t have otherwise engaged.

That’s why it’s helpful to check the balance of your bank account right before you start making sales calls. Because even if it’s a little bit low, it’s like oxygen to the fire. Acute pressure to motivate your efforts and expand your horizons.

And before you know it, you’ve activated areas of your business acumen that you didn’t even know you had.

Philippe discusses this very constraint in his book about the crime of creativity:

If you face adversity with only a selection from which your personality is composed, I believe you might not survive. But if you empower yourself, drawing from all that you’re made of, and all that you did not know you had in you, it will save your life.

Spoken like a true tightrope walker.

And so, whether your constraint is a lack of money, a lack of talent, a lack of time or a lack of connections, treat it as part of your survival equipment.

Leverage your limitations and make something beautiful anyway.

What’s worse, thinking you’re being paranoid or knowing you should be?

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