What’s your favorite way to beat yourself up?

Integrity, schmintegrity

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Integrity is overrated.

None of us can fully live according to all of our beliefs, every moment of every day. Human beings are fundamentally flawed and inconsistent.

And so, berating ourselves for lesser behaviors like judging and obsessing and quitting and settling isn’t helpful. Nor is hating ourselves for being caught in an identity that’s less than who we are.

Just because we spend an afternoon applying for low paying, mediocre jobs that won’t light our soul on fire, doesn’t mean we’ve suddenly compromised our standards and violated our morals.

And just because we spend a year of our lives temporarily buying into somebody else’s system of rules and rewards, doesn’t mean we’re treasonous, sell out hacks.

It’s not a crime to have a crack in the foundation. There is no integrity police standing outside our door, battering ram in hand.

The goal is to simply accept ourselves. To catch the goodness in ourselves. And to attempt to feel alive in all of our contradictions, without trying to put everything in a tidy little compartment.

It’s actually quite liberating, letting go of the specter of integrity.

What’s your favorite way to beat yourself up?

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