When the only two choices are standing still or going full blast

Burnout is not far behind

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If you’ve ever used one of those rickety old hair dryers, ceiling fans, hand mixers or air conditionings, it sometimes seems like they only have two settings.

Standing still and going full blast.

Which is somewhat annoying but perfectly acceptable for a household appliance. We don’t expect a ton of grey areas with that stuff.

But when it comes to the human being, having only two modes is potentially hazardous to our health.

Because if our only ways of existing in the world are standing still or going full blast, we’re in trouble. It’s not sustainable or healthy. Anything taken to the extreme can be a detriment.

Have you ever had a coworker or boss who came into work every day either completely exhausted or silently withdrawn? Perhaps you’ve been that person yourself. It certainly applies to my workaholic tendencies. And it’s not a pretty picture.

When the only two choices are standing still or going full blast, burnout is not far behind.

What we need is a dimmer switch. An internal device to gradually lower the brightness and intensity of our light output, depending on the circumstance.

That way, we don’t have to blast every single watt at all times. We can take back control of our energy and slide the switch up or down as needed.

Interestingly enough, dimmers have been around since the late eighteen hundreds. And recent studies show that they’ve been scientifically proven to reduce a home’s electric use up to forty percent over time, and even make your light bulbs last twenty times longer.

If that doesn’t illuminate a truth about healthy energy management, perhaps you need your vision checked.

Remember, rarely do we find truth at the extremes.

Embrace the grey and see what kind of voltage exists in the middle.

What extreme is causing a detriment to yourself?

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