When was the last time you created without the burden of evidence?

Creating with humility

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The first thing I do every day of my life is a twenty minute journaling exercise.

I vomit out every single thought and feeling and idea that’s running through my racing brain. Dreams, worries, fears, annoyances, ideas, people who annoyed me the day before, everything. I continue writing until I’ve filled up three pages.

And then, about twenty minutes into the exercise, I take the most important step. I delete the document. It’s gone. Forever. Nobody will ever see that morning’s thoughts ever again. Including me.

This is a terrifying proposition for most creative people. The prospect of throwing away your most vulnerable and honest thoughts and ideas, it just seems wasteful. So cruel. As if the act of creating wasn’t already hard enough.

But in my experience, deleting my daily journal entries has been a valuable practice for several reasons. First, it allows me to write off the record. To create without the burden of evidence. This builds a liberating container of safety and privacy around my thoughts.

Second, it allows me to practice trusting myself. To create without the fear of losing any of my ideas. This strengthens my muscle of trust and reminds me that the forest will always provide.

Third, it allows to indulge in letting go. To create despite the ephemeral, impermanence of life. This teaches me not to cling too tightly to any one idea.

I challenge you to try this exercise. See if you can spend twenty minutes creating something, only to destroy it the moment you’re done.

It’s hard, but it’s also humbling and healthy.

When was the last time you created without the burden of evidence?

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