When was the last time you expressed your sadness to a stranger?

Anonymity is the best

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Taylor’s legendary song reminds us that when we’re down and troubled and we need a helping hand, all we have to do is call, and we’ve got a friend.

What’s interesting is, that type of companionable relationship isn’t always what we need.

Because friendships involve their own versions of economic systems that we make investments in.

That’s the advantage of support groups, online communities, anonymous message boards and all the other therapeutic social settings available today. You have the benefit of talking to strangers. People who have gone on their own journey and suffered in the same way that you have, but have no idea who you were like in high school or college.

And so, the interaction is pure. There’s no friendship baggage. Your connection isn’t complicated by anything outside of the issue. It’s just a venue to be human in the presence of other human beings, minus the expectations of shared history, where healing words can pave you like an avalanche of light.

The kind of environment where people can come out of their shell, let down their guard, drop their protective mechanisms and feel naked and unashamed to bare their souls without the fear of criticism or ridicule from people who know their backstory.

Not that your friends can’t provide that level of support too. But there’s a very real power to anonymity. And sometimes, part of the healing process is being open to help that arrives in a form that you’re not crazy about.

When was the last time you expressed your sadness to a stranger?

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