When we’re excited about newfound enlightenment

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When something has been useful for us, it’s easy to be enthusiastic about it.

Like therapy or meditating or running marathons or getting up at the crack of dawn to start working.

But we cross the line when we attempt to build our identities over people. When we try to superimpose our own assumptions and beliefs and preferences onto others, assuming that what worked for us, will work for them.

It won’t. Everybody has their own unique experience. Everybody has layers of potential that are realized at their own pace and speed.

And so, even when we’re excited about newfound enlightenment, even when another person’s truth appears to be in conflict with how we would like things to be, we have to let go of the idea that others should align with our implicit expectations.

We have to stop bristling with impatience toward those who don’t see things our way. Because we diminish others when we define purpose and meaning for them. Even if they ask us to do so.

The centerpiece of our transaction with the world should be compassion, not control.

Are you still making control the centerpiece of your transaction with the world?

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