When will you accept the fact that there is no safe path?

Bartering away your capacity to dream

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The industrial revolution trained our culture to believe that utility was the only thing that counted. That dreams, reflections and feelings were considered to be lost production. And that the workplace was no place to show up and invest in the realization of our desires.

If something wasn’t concrete and measurable and practical and functional, it was sent to the gallows. End of story.

This mindset, however, did enable our culture to transition into new manufacturing processes that marked a major turning point in history. Almost every aspect of our daily lives have been influenced by it in some way.

The only problem is, we traded those advancements for the freedom to take our dreams seriously. We bartered away our capacity to aspire.

And now, more than a century later, our deepest desires have lost vitality from lack of use. Our entire culture is experiencing collective existential guilt, which derives from having betrayed ourselves. It’s what we feel for not being who we are. For postponing our possibilities. And if we have any intention of returning to a state of wonder and desire and hope, we have to remember who we were before the world told us who we needed to be.

The good news is, dreams are very resilient. They will wait for us. But they thrive on applied willingness. They only come to life because we take steps to move our story forward. Because we accept the fact that the world doesn’t always want us to dream, and we do it anyway.

When will you finally choose adventure and accept the fact that there is no safe path?

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