When work isn’t economically rewarding in the way you want it to be

Putting your trust in money versus putting your money in trust

The big question is, do you have to make money before you can consider it a business? Does money have to go next to you when you act the way you act?

Not necessarily. At least, not in the early stages. Because in the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, creating art is rarely economically rewarding in the way you want it to be. And that’s okay.

I remember when I first started my publishing company, my mentor gave me a few memorable warnings. He said don’t expect to write books for money, write books to stake your claim on whatever ground you want to own. He said impact and legacy leads to money, not the other way around. And that money isn’t the target, money is the reward for hitting the target.

Thanks to his advice, instead of putting my trust in money, I put my money in trust. I kept my night job as a valet parker to lower my need for money, that way I could raise my ability to do art. And it was the smartest decision I ever made.

Turns out, when you do what you love and what you’re good at, you’ll figure out how to make money doing it. When you focus on creating things that solve real problems for people, you’ll make those people happy, and that happiness will be translated into money.

Because if your work has real substance, ultimately the dollars will follow. Money will flow as a regular consequence of the success of your ideas.

Are you putting your trust in money or your money in trust?

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