When you’re handed a heavy dose of reality

What story do you tell yourself?

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To satisfy our fanatical need for control, we try to force life’s events to unravel and unfold in the manner and time that we designated.

It’s like some kind of jedi mind trick.

Our brains start tossing and turning, crashing and burning, around and around on an endless carousel of compulsive and anxious thoughts, because it make us feel like we’re actually doing something to solve our problems.

We’re so proud of this work.

But then, when reality dashes our best laid plans to rubble, and the object of our obsession fails to bring us the joy it promised, we feel cheated and angry.

How dare the department of public transportation not ask my permission to shut down the subway during the blizzard?

How dare the barbecue nachos I spent all day fantasizing about taste like boiled socks?

And that’s when resentment starts rising like zombie from a grave. We realize that our sneaky little mind was playing tricks on us the whole time. As if to laugh in our faces and say:

Just when you get there, there disappears.

It’s all part of the neverending battle for enoughness. Finding and developing our own internal supply of peace. Building solid spiritual ground that we can stand on.

Arriving at the place where we believe, not just affirm out loud five times a day, but really believe, that who we are, right now, is okay. And it’s enough to claim joy.

Remember, when we constantly believe that we should be more than what we are, we enter into a totally antagonistic relationship with ourselves.

But when we humbly make the most of what we already have, it turns into more.

What story will you tell yourself when you’re handed a heavy dose of reality?

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