Where will you find the power to meet your needs?

Enough pumpkin pie

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We should never feel guilty for having our own life.

Each of us is entitled to have our own needs met, from privacy to dietary to physical to psychological. It’s part of the universal declaration of human rights.

The problem is, we still guilt ourselves into thinking that other people might die if we abide by our needs instead of theirs.

And so, we people please to make everyone else happy. We compromise our value system the name of rules that aren’t really rules.

But the joke’s on us. Because forgoing our own boundaries on doesn’t make us heroic, it compromises our connection to ourselves. It disempowers us.

I used to have an bad habit of eating foods that made me sick. Not because I enjoyed the taste, but because I enjoyed the looks on other people’s faces when I ate them.

The food was my ticket to winning their attention, approval and love.

A fourth piece of pumpkin pie? Well, if you insist.

But after a few too many trips to the toilet in the middle of the night, eventually, my body and soul just couldn’t take it anymore. The cycle had to stop.

Because I knew that I didn’t have to do all that for people to love me. And nobody was going to abandon me simply because I made the choice to respect my own dietary needs. What a relief.

Proving, that the better the boundary, the more painful it is to set. But there is always a way to maintain our power in a situation.

We have to plant that voice inside ourselves, otherwise nobody else will. We have to be aware of the fact that there is a choice to be made, and we have to make it with confidence, competence and clarity.

Trusting that the world won’t end when people realize we’ve said yes to ourselves.

Where will you find the power to meet your needs?

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